Darren McClerren Ministries (DMM) is an evangelistic ministry that has a mission to help others around the world receive all that Jesus Christ made available through His death, burial, and resurrection. We seek to show others the path to salvation thru Jesus Christ and then help them claim the Abundant Life that Jesus made available to anyone who believes in Him.

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At DMM, we have been called forth to help others learn how to keep their hearts, thoughts and their words in line with the Word of God, so that they can experience the Goodness of God in every area of their life. We desire for all to experience the fullness of God, and to know how to keep what God has blessed them with, so that the enemy doesn’t steal it away, thereby causing them to live in fear, frustration, unbelief, and resentment. Our purpose is to share the love of Christ around the world while helping others receive not only salvation thru Jesus Christ, but everything that Jesus made available for us. Please pray for our ministry as we seek to fulfill God’s purpose by sharing with everyone we can possibly reach; the love of Jesus and all that His Grace made available to us.


“It was a little over two years ago when I first heard Darren McClerren speak. After the service that day I felt something stirring in me that I couldn’t remember feeling. When I heard the fire, the passion, the love, the FAITH that he had for our Father and His Word, and to learn that it could be ours as well, I wanted what he was preaching! Thank you, Darren, for always speaking the whole truth of God’s Word! You may have thought no one was listening that day, but I am where I am today because of the message you delivered that day!”

D. Pittman, North Carolina

“What a great joy to be connected with this man of God who is having a kingdom mindset for people to seek Christ. And personally I am blessed and encouraged by this to focus on what I am doing here in India. Brother Darren McClerren is awesome Visionary Leader for the vineyard of God. Once again thank you brother. God bless your heart.”

V. Pallapati, India

“I am greatly blessed to be a partner with Darren McClerren Ministries. Darren’s passion for seeing others around him receive all that Jesus made available is not only a constant joy for me, but also it encourages me to keep learning about Grace and seeking to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you, Darren, for your ministry and your passion to serve our Lord thru serving others. Thank you for what you have taught me, that has equipped me to do the works of Jesus and Praise God for the those I am helping to receive their healing.”

J. Wright, North Carolina

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