The Steadfast Servant

And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.
Colossians 3:23

Paul in this last part of chapter three in the book of Colossians was defining some key boundaries to establishing a solid Christian home. However, the principle defined in verse twenty three gives us a foundation for success if it is applied to everything that we do both within our homes and without. For me, this verse holds a very special place in my life because it has been an everlasting anchor that has held me to a principle that has excelled me in my career, as well as, many other areas in my life. It truly has been one of my life verses.

One area that this verse can strengthen your walk with Christ and truly exemplify solid Christian ethics is in the area of serving others. All of us are servants in some form or fashion. We serve our families, our church, our employer, our friends, and the list goes on and on. But Paul gave us this perspective of acknowledging God in all that we do, so that God may be glorified not only in your willingness to serve, but the manner in which you do so.

There is such great joy and fulfillment that can be received by serving God through serving others. Often times many people might feel a rush of joy as they begin to serve, however, soon after they find that it is not as fulfilling as they had hoped. This lack of joy and fulfillment in serving others often comes for two primary reasons. First, many Christians do not feel fulfilled in serving others because the manner in which they have been asked to serve does not line up with their own personal desires. Many people are only willing to serve others on their own terms. They want the nicest conditions, the best placement, and the highest praise for their efforts. In other words, many people are willing to serve as long as they are comfortable and get exceptional recognition for their “selfless” efforts. But if we are willing to stay focused on the fact that we are serving God in whatever we are doing, it will motivate us to crucify our desires and serve whole-heartedly no matter what the conditions and regardless if others see our service or not. As we read in the scriptures, we find that many who had hearts committed to serving God seldom had everything going their way, but they served with all their heart because they knew that God can truly accomplish great things through people who do not give Him boundaries within which He must work.

Second, many people do not feel steadfast joy and fulfillment in serving others because of the manners and methods in which they serve. Many Christians feel that their service is in vain and often it is because they are half-hearted in their efforts. If we are not careful we will allow our emotions and present situations to dictate the sincerity and completeness of our commitment in any area that we serve. For instance, have you ever known someone who started a new job and was very excited to show everyone around them how hard a worker they are and how committed they can be to Christ through their employer. I mean this person shows up early, stays late, and is willing to really “go the extra mile,” but then their employer disagrees with them, maybe even demotes them and they become bitter, then they start showing up late, taking longer breaks, and spend their days watching the clock drag on towards quitting time while spending company time checking personal emails and posting on their social media sites? This is why the Apostle Paul directed us to acknowledge that it is God we are serving in whatever we do because in doing so, our service will be exemplary no matter what is going on around us or who agrees with us; which will again bring glory to God and show others His strength in us to press on whole-heartedly in undesirable conditions.

Remember; when we are focused on serving others in the same manner that we serve Christ, it will prevent us from taking shortcuts and will motivate us to go the extra mile. It will also prevent sinful actions from entering our situation which will hinder us from demonstrating our commitment to Christ and our desire to serve Him faithfully through joyfully and willingly serving others.  – God Bless

Darren McClerren

A Prayer of Repentance

God, I come to you in Jesus’ name. I confess that I have sinned against You and have come short of Your standards. Thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus to pay the price for my sins. Jesus thank You for dying on the cross for me. I repent of my sins and ask You to be the Lord of my life. I give you my life today and I receive God’s free gift of eternal life. Thank You Lord for saving me. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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