Can Christians Be Demon Possessed?

“A common discussion in the church today is the issue of whether a believer can be demon possessed or are they oppressed, and for many, they believe that believers cannot be influenced by demons at all. The word possessed and even the word oppressed is not found in the New Testament Greek. However, we can look up the word possessed in the phrase “possessed with a demon”, and it gives us the Greek word daimonizomai. This word means to be exercised by an unclean spirit, to have one, to be under the power or influence of one, or to be vexed with a demon. To be vexed refers to harassment, torment and troubling from an evil spirit. Therefore, the meaning of this word in the original Greek is not the word used for ownership which is often how the word possession is understood in today’s language. These words actually can be translated, “to gain mastery over.” In other words any area of life that a believer chooses to disobey God and enters into sin that they will not confront or confess yet continue to practice, is an area that demons can gain mastery over. A demon cannot own a believer because they are owned by God thru salvation in Jesus Christ. Therefore it is impossible for a Christian to be owned by a demonic spirit but they can be influenced by demons.

When we accept Jesus, our spirit is united with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit dwells within our spirit. But there’s another part of us that was not instantly changed the moment we became children of God; our soul. Our soul (Mind, Will and Emotions), was not instantly changed the moment you accepted Jesus Christ into your heart. This is where the flesh battles the spirit in a believer’s life. This is the part of us that Romans 12:2 is referring to as we are told to be renewed in our minds. It is also the part of us that evil spirits seek to invade. Hence the spiritual warfare Paul talked about in Ephesians chapter 6.” — Darren McClerren

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